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A portion of net profits will be donated

The Pet Tracker GPS will require a annual Access Fee apply every 12 months from the original activation date.

The amount of data for your Puppy Tracker has been calculated to be sufficient with average use. This is calculated using the 1 hour ping when your tracker app isn't open and 15 second updates (ping) when your app is open. If however you want to change your closed app ping to 1 minute or you wish to leave your Puppy app open (in the background) you will A. Use 10 times the average data and B. reduce the battery life of the unit from 5 days down to 1.5 days. By using much more data we protect you by limiting the amount of billable overages to a maximum of only $5.00 in any given billing period (1 month/30 days). In summary in the highly unlikely event that you do leave your app open or what ever the reason you exceed your allotted data amount you are ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR A MAXIMUM OVERAGE OF $5.00. you will NEVER be required to pay any more no matter what the overage!

VOICE: This feature is primarly used when we require the whereabouts of relatives or people under our care. We use this feature in order to contact them to find out, if they require our help etc. Calls generally don't last more than a minute or two and are billed to your CC at $2.00 per minute. There is NO stand by charges for this service

Ensure the battery is charged every 3 to 5 days

Rechargable Batteries may last between 2-3 years. Once the batteries no longer hold a 3 to 5 day charge, you may need to replace them. In order to do this, please contact your Puppy Tracker Service Team at puppytracker.ca

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